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Gateway Safety GateGATEWAY SAFETY GATE - $69.99
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The Gateway is a completely new concept in walk through gate design. This model can be installed quickly with no tools, hardware, holes or screws. Four non-skid mounting pads eliminate damage to woodwork and walls. A simple, one hand release allows an adult to swing the Gateway open in either direction. Constructed of heavy tubular steel with a non-toxic white plastic coating, this gate provides the strength and security that every parent expects. The Gateway is designed for openings of 28 to 34 wide.
Optional extensions are available for wider openings. At 29 1/2 inches high, this gate is ideal for pets, too.
Only one extension per opening is recommended.
Model G6 - 6 Optional extension for Gateway where opening is 34 to 40. $19.99
Model G12 - 12 Optional extension for Gateway where opening is 40 to 46. $24.99

Safeway Safety GateSAFEWAY SAFETY GATE - $64.99
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For the parent who demands the extra safety of a wall mounted gate, the Safeway gate was rated best by a leading consumer magazine. The Safeway gate is the only expandable metal gate available. It is constructed of heavy tubular steel with a non-toxic white plastic coating. The neutral color and simple design make this gate blend into any home decor. The Safeway gate is quick and easy to install. The mounting instructions include a hinge template to eliminate measuring tools. This gate offers the most flexible and versatile installation options. As a swinging gate, the Safeway will easily opening either direction with one hand operation. It can be mounted either as a swinging doorway gate or a permanent window barrier, expanding to fit openings from 24 3/4 to 43 1/2 wide. The 30 1/2 height is great for children or pets.

Model G24 - 24 Optional extension for Safeway when opening is 43 1/2 to 66.
Only one extension is recommended. $29.99.

Beechwood Safety GateBEECHWOOD SAFETY GATE - $74.99
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The Beechwood Gate is a wall mounted gate that offers the latest in safety, security and style. It is constructed of the finest furniture quality beech hard woods. European craftsman carefully assemble each gate using the latest in hardware design and technology. The final product is a beautiful piece of furniture that will compliment most home interiors. It comes with easy to follow mounting instructions that include a hinge template to eliminate the need for measuring tools. The Beechwood Gate offers the widest array of installation options. It easily swings open in either direction with one hand. It expands to fit openings 26 to 42 3/4 wide. A tall 30 height is ideal for kids and pets, too.

Model G18- 18 Optional Beechwood extension for openings 42 3/4 to 60.
Only one extension is recommended. $34.99.

Quick Release GateQUICK-RELEASE GATE - $26.99
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This wooden pressure style gate is so simple to use. There is no hardware required, so the gate moves easily from door to door. You simply pull up the handle to release the gate. The handle is positioned at top of gate for easy access. When you want to put the gate back, you just push down on the handle and the gate firmly pressure mounts in the doorway. It's Memory Lock reinstalls without adjustment. It has adjustable contact pads for uneven doorways. The gate is 24" high and fits openings of 27" to 42" wide. This gate is not intended for use at the top of stairs. For a hardware gate for the top of stairs see the auto lock gate below.

Soft Travel GateSOFT TRAVEL GATE - $29.95
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Lightweight yet durable, this adjustable mesh gate will help keep your child safe, at home and when traveling. The 30" high soft gate extends with telescoping tubes to fit doorways 27"-42" wide. It's pressure mounted and the turning lock knobs help keep it secure. The gate rolls up for easy storage and portability, and fits into it's own tote for go anywhere convenience.

Tot LokTOT LOK - 2 LOCKS with 1 KEY - $14.99
1 LOCK - $4.99 / 1 KEY - $5.99
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The ultimate in child safety, the magnetic Tot Lok is the only ultra-secure magnetic lock available in America. Tot Lok can only be opened by it's extremely powerful magnetic key (refrigerator magnets, etc. won't work.) The key can be kept high up out of the way on the refrigerator. This lock is also wonderful for extremely dangerous items like guns.


This is a wonderful lock for grandparents' homes because a simple disengage feature unlocks the lock permitting normal use of the cabinet or drawer. When the children come over, a simple switch makes your dangerous areas safe from curious fingers. As soon as they leave, a simple switch back makes everything readily accessible without using the lock. No other lock has this feature. Any other lock has to be dealt with all the time, once it's installed, whether the children are there or not.

Safe-lokSAFE-LOK - 3 locks - $3.49 / 6 locks - $5.99
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The Safe-Lok is a patented heavy duty cabinet latch system that protect your child in two ways. It not only keeps your child from opening dangerous cabinets and drawers, it also protects them from having their fingers pinched by the reclosing door. It's "Trap-Slot" design allows the door or drawer to open approximately 1", and then locks in place so your child's fingers can't get caught. Easy for an adult to release, Safe-Lok is almost impossible for a curious toddler. Perfect for protecting your child from poisons, sharp objects, and anything else you want to keep out of their reach. Includes instructions for easy one time installation.

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These strong metal latches are perfect for places that contain dangerous items. They are designed to keep children from opening drawers and cabinets, while allowing adults easy access. They are made of durable, high quality stainless steel and they have a resilient plastic edge guard to prevent scrapes and scratches when adults use them. More durable than the regular style plastic latches, these metal ones will keep your kids safe 'N sound for a very long time. Included are 24 screws and easy to follow instructions for installation.

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