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VIDEO HALT - $12.95
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The only VCR lock and protector that covers and locks the front loading door on VHS or Beta VCR's. This is the only VCR lock that is not inserted, so it will not damage the VCR. It protects the child and the machine by preventing toddlers from inserting fingers or even toys. It can also be used to prevent children from unauthorized use of the VCR. It attaches in seconds and has an exclusive lock 'N play feature so you can keep the VCR locked while a tape is playing.

SAFE-PLATE - $3.85 each
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The safest outlet plate available today, the Safe-Plate slides closed automatically the instant you remove an outlet plug. There is no room for adventurous fingers to explore as the outlets are always covered. The outlet is accessed by sliding the spring-loaded cover over the socket. This is the only design which is UL listed. Installs easily with a screwdriver. Comes in White or Almond.


This retracting electrical cord shortener neatly winds up cords to help prevent a child's access to cords containing electricity. It also helps prevent children from tripping over cords, and accidentally pulling down lamps or appliances.

SHOCK-LOK - $ 3.99

The best designed outlet cap available anywhere, the SHOCK-LOK reduces the hazards of open electrical outlets in several important ways. While other outlet caps are frequently misplaced or lost when an outlet is used occasionally, such as for vacuuming, SHOCK-LOK's tethered caps are always in place to protect your child. And because its pull-tabs facilitate parental removal, we make SHOCK-LOK fit tighter and safer. With it's easy installation, the SHOCK-LOK gets screwed into the center of the face plate, so it's always in place. One package covers 5 plates, or 10 outlets.


Dangling cords are nearly irresistible to crawling children. That's why you need our Lamp & Appliance Cord Keepers. They feature a specially engineered "maze" which captures and retains the cords that are placed inside.The lamp or appliance can no longer move if cord is pulled, effectively preventing accidents. They are easy to install and attach to any flat surface. There are even 2 ways to install it- it comes with double-faced tape and screws as well, so you can install it the way you choose. 2 per package.

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