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SCALD SAFE - $17.99
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The SCALD SAFE shower hot water sensor automatically shuts off your hot water before scalding occurs. Thousands of people are scalded annually due to sudden surges of scalding hot water. SCALD SAFE can prevent hot water injuries from happening. SCALD SAFE is a must for every home, especially ones with children, the elderly and handicapped. Giving you the same anti- scald protection as expensive pressure balancing mixing valves, this solid brass chrome plated hot water sensor won't restrict or interfere with shower performance. SCALD SAFE utilizes a patented actuator that automatically shuts off the water flow when the water temperature reaches 114'F which is well below 120'F where scald injuries begin to occur. SCALD SAFE is also equipped with a patented restart button which allows you to resume the water flow with the touch of a finger. Childproof your showers with SCALD SAFE.

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This one of a kind elephant faucet cover is also a bubble dispenser! The foam cover fits any standard faucet and protects your kids from bumps and bruises from the hard, dangerous bathtub spout.

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This adorable cover fits over the drain valve to protect kids from banging into it and also from letting the water go down before you want it to. It's finger slots let parents operate the valve without removing the cover. With it's adorable matching elephant (see Tubbly Bubbly above) and easy suction cup attachment, it's sure to make bathing your kids a little less "draining".

LID LOCK - $9.99 Buy 2 and save - only $8.99 each
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Avoid the dangers of an open toilet seat with this easy to use toilet lock. Lid Lock keeps the lid down so babies can't fall in, jam their fingers or play in the water. It opens easily for adults and older kids. Installs without tools, get one for each toilet.

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This foam padded vinyl mat protects parents' knees and elbows from hard floors and bathtub ledges while giving the kids a bath. Conveniently hangs on showerhead to dry after bath and has a handy pouch to hold washcloths, toys etc. Makes a wonderful gift !

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These inflatable tub knob covers protect your little bathers from bath tub mishaps. Children are always " testing the waters". Now you can keep your tot protected in the tub with these cushiony shields that keep your child from turning the hot water knobs. The tub knob covers are practical, portable, and they even swing down for easy knob access. They fit all standard tub knobs and attach easily with suction cups.


This adorable elephant fits on the end of your faucet to turn your child's faucet into a drinking fountain. The kids love it and so will you- imagine no more cups! It does not interfere with normal use of the faucet so the parents don't have to drink from the elephant like the kids do. The elephant matches the Tubbly Bubbly and Tub Team drain valve cover sold above.

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