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Acting as a safety cushion against accidental tumbles, this softly padded shield expands to slip easily over the sharp corners and edges of most coffee tables. It's easy to install, easy for adults to remove (for entertaining etc.), and will not mar table finishes. Available in 3 sizes, the large super size is also a perfect way to protect kids from the sharp edges and corners of high risers. For the correct measurements, measure around the entire coffee table or high riser.

Small Toddler Shield (60"-140") $29.95
Regular Toddler Shield (93"- 192") $39.95
Super Toddler Shield (140"-260") $59.95

(6 units with openings listed below) only $49.99
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The transparent banister guard is the only available clear indoor barrier protection for young children that preserves the beauty of your home. Offering protection from three things; falling, entrapment and hard edges, this banister guard fits openings 23" to 36" high. It's made of tough, non-toxic materials and has safety rounded corners. The length adjusts up to 15 feet and it comes with childproof fasteners. Perfect for balconies, landings, and lofts, the flexible panels conform easily even to curved banisters.

For openings 23 to 30 inches high, the maximum coverage is 15 feet.
For openings 30 to 36 inches high, the maximum coverage is 12 feet.
Use additional units for longer banisters.


If you're like many parents, when you look at the banisters in your home, you see danger. And for good reason. According to the U.S. Consumer Product safety Commission, more than 22,000 injuries related to handrails, railings and banisters occur in homes yearly. Of those, the zero to four year old age group suffered the most severe injuries.

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This locking bucket helps keep harmful household products away from your child. It safely stores your hazardous items from the garage, laundry room and basement. It's patented safety-lock closure keeps your dangerous detergents out of your child's grasp. It's cover also protects against another hazard that's found with buckets- drowing. A child can fall into a bucket and drown in even a small amount of liquid. Protect your child from these hazards with our locking Safe-Store Pail.

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10 FT - $22.99
20 FT - $32.99
30 FT - $43.99
40 FT - $54.99

The RAILNET, a deck and balcony railing guard, is a safety net that keeps your child from falling. This safety device also keeps pets contained and fits all railings. Available in 4 different lengths, the railnet is durable, weather resistant, and goes up and comes down easily. It comes with railing ties and screw eyes to attach the durable white netting to any railing.


This microwave oven tester tests your microwave for radiation and leakage. Microwave leakage can be caused by; slamming the oven door, basic wear and tear, and dirt and food particles getting caught within door seals or hinges. This reusable indicator card lets you know when it's time to repair or replace your microwave because it's leaking dangerous radiation. Microwave leakage can cause: dizziness and headaches, blood disorders, skin cancer, and is especially dangerous for pregnant women.

AIR ZONE - $4.99

This carbon monoxide detector monitors your indoor air quality and protects your family from fatal carbon monoxide gas leaks. It's accurate and life saving results could prevent accidents from this fatal gas. This card gets mounted to wall or door in the area of concern and if carbon monoxid is present, the center spot changes to gray or black. The card needs to be replaced every 3 months and has a place to mark what date the card was opened on. This is not as effective as the alarm type carbon monoxide detectors, but it's low price makes it very worthwhile.


This water quality tester kit checks your water for many things and gives you easy to read, reliable results in seconds. Now you can drink with confidence knowing your water has been checked for the following: chlorine, hardness, PH (acidity), Nitrate/Nitrate and iron. The entire test only takes seconds.

LEAD ZONE - $4.99

This lead test kit lets you check for lead on dishes, paint, toys, furniture, pipes etc. Giving reliable results in seconds, this easy to use lead test kit contains a total of 6 tests to help keep the ones you love away from this dangerous problem.

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