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The natural, orthodontic shaped silicone nipple shape and design of this Pacifier Thermometer provides parents with a unique and simple method for taking a child’s temperature. By using this product as you would an ordinary pacifier, a sick child is more apt to cooperate. Designed for children from birth to five years, this pacifier thermometer measures a child’s fever to within 2/10 degree of accuracy. A built-in beeper will sound within 60 seconds once the highest temperature is attained and the reading will conveniently appear on the digital display. A last temperature recall feature allows parents to closely monitor their child’s recovery. To preserve battery life, the thermometer features an auto shut-off after 10 minutes. The pacifier thermometer is durable, waterproof, easy to clean and contains no dangerous glass or mercury. For parents and children who deserve the best, only this Pacifier Thermometer will do.


This forehead fever thermometer is a fast, easy and reliable way to check for changes in temperature which offers many benefits over more traditional, clinical glass thermometers. The Forehead fever thermometer is safer as it is unbreakable. It is reusable and comes with a sturdy storage box which makes it very portable. It is made up of liquid crystals which are safe, non- toxic compounds which reflect available light to indicate temperature. The large digital readout appears quickly and is easy to read from any angle. It is a wonderful way to check for temperature when a glass thermometer is awkward to use.


Protect your family because emergencies don't wait! Necessary at home and on the go, this First Aid Kit is perfect for the kitchen, garage, automobile etc.
This compact size first aid kit contains:
10 Adhesive Bandages
1 First Aid Cream .8 oz.
4 Antiseptic Wipes
1 Cloth First Aid Tape 1" by 1 yd.
1 Burn Cream
2 Non-Stick Pads, medium
1 Extra Large bandage strip
1 First Aid Wall Chart


Perfect for minor emergencies at home or away, our Mini First Aid Kit is the perfect size to fit into your babies diaper bag. It contains all you need in a handy plastic box.
It contains:
4 Adhesive Bandages
2 packages Triple Antibiotic First Aid Ointment .5 g ea.
2 Antiseptic Wipes
1 Non-stick Pad, medium
It's handy pouch has room for your personal additions.

BOO BOO WRAP - $5.99
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The child friendly cold pack that makes boo-boos feel all better. The Boo-Boo Wrap is the world's best kid sized cold compress that provides cool comfort to minor bumps and scratches. It also works great for cooling fevers, headache and insect bites. Soft and pliable to wrap around kid sized boo-boos, this reusable and non-toxic cold pack has a lifetime guarantee. The adorable teddy bear adorning the front is sure to have a calming effect on your child very fast.

SAFE EAR SWABS - 120 swabs $3.50
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These Baby Safe Ear Swabs are designed with a wider tip so they simply can not be over inserted. The 300% wider tip is perfect for cleaning and protecting baby's ears.

(Never insert swab into ear canal, use only on outer surfaces of the ear.)

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